The Guidance → How to use Toilet information sharing map!!

Let us explain how to use the Toilet Information sharing map App. using actual screenshots.

 [Toilet information sharing map] screen 


The above is the map screen of the Toilet Information Sharing Map. I will explain this screen.
 *”Toilet pin” = Tap to check the details of toilet information.
 *”+” Button = Point registration → It is used when registering new toilet information

Bottom menu (from left)
・ “I” button = Terms of use, premium plan (advertisement display option), and pin type explanation
・ GPS button = Moves the map display to the current position
・ Reload button = Updates the map display
・ Ranking button = Transition to the popularity 1-100 ranking of toilet spots
・ Search button = Moves to the search menu

Then, I will explain the menu mentioned above in detail.

① Toilet pin selection


When you select a toilet pin, the pin location name is displayed. It is useful when visually searching for a toilet near your location. Now tap the character and go on to the next.

 Point details screen 


On the details screen, you can check the details of the toilet.
Find the needed facilities, such as Electric Bidet seats(washlet), wheelchairs, and ostomates.

 Toilet Search 

The above will be used to search for toilets. When you tap the search button, the search menu will be displayed from the side, so tick✔️ the conditions that match the toilet you are looking for and search. After the search, only the pins that match the search conditions will be displayed.

 Toilet pin details 

  • Toilet without attributes
  • Toilet with parking lot + without attributes
  • Public toilet
  • Toilet with parking lot in public toilet
  • Toilet in stores and facilities
  • Toilet with parking lot at stores and facilities
  • Wheelchair-accessible restroom

There are 7 types of pins, which are shown above.

 Registering new Point 

Register a new toilet pin if you find a new toilet that is not on the map. It is recommended that you register the details to easily find them when you are looking for a toilet in the future. ① Tap the + and adjust the location of the Toilet. ② Tap the “DETERMIN” to register a new place.

 New registration screen of a new Pin 

First, enter the name of the toilet. It’s best to use a name that’s easy to find.
The address and phone number are unnecessary, so you can ignore them. We recommend that you include important information when actually searching.

It is also recommended to register a photo. You can also let other users know what the toilet looks like. You can use it more conveniently by registering a memo. Let’s share detailed information such as the cleanliness or atmosphere of the toilet.

 Ranking Function 

In the ranking, the number of ★, accesses, and comments are totaled, and the toilet spots with high scores are ranked from 1st to 100th. Please utilize this function and find your favorite toilet near your place!! Or you can enjoy finding a popular toilet!

If you find it difficult to understand how to use it, please let us know in the comments.

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