Japanese ONSEN Let’s get ready for After CoroXX virus.


「こうの湯」で浮遊体験 お得な入浴手形で熊本県の温泉地「黒川温泉」で巡るHello to the world?

Do you like Japanese Onsen?
Have you tried?
Now the world is challenging to overcome the coroxx virus issue!!
So, I would like to support the people who want to enjoy using the best App. of Japane ONSEN.
This App will guide you to the nearest Onsen nearby your location through the GPS.
Just try it, and you will know how it works.
This App is free to use!! Why don’t you check with your own eyes!!

Let me Start the Blog.

For Android Users please down load the App from the following.


Fro iPhone Users please down load the App from the following.


If you have questions just let me know so that I can explain or find out a good information just for you!!