【Toilet Map】App. → Updated and now can check the rating of each toilet on the map screen & also added the favorite function feature!.

We have added a favorite function to the Toilet Map and a display function that allows you to see the ratings of the locations on the map screen as well!
You can search for clean, unique, and popular restrooms at a glance, and by registering your own favorite restrooms, you can immediately display their locations.

Restroom ratings displayed on map screen

The number of stars is now displayed below the pin, as shown in the image above.
The color of the star background changes according to the number of stars as follows

Bronze 1-99
Silver 100-999
Gold 1000 and above

The more people use the restroom, the more likely it is to be clean. It is even better if it has a photo.

The more people use the restroom, the more likely it is to be clean. It is even better if it has a photo.
The efficient way to use the system is as follows
① Check the number of ratings in the map view.
② Tap the pin to see if there is a picture.
③ Tap the title to see the details.
④ Tap the title to see the details.

Added a favorite function

We’ve added the ability to add a pin to your favorites from the pin details screen!
Using this feature, you can quickly view the desired location later by adding it as a favorite!

    ①   →   ②    →       ③






The locations you have added as favorites will be displayed in a list like the above ③.
*This list is only for you and is not shared with other users.

Rated #1 in the rankings…

How would you rate the location that is ranked No. 1 in the ranking function?
*For more information about the ranking function, please refer to the heading of the ranking function in “How to use the Restroom Information Sharing Map-kun”.

How are the toilets in Yoyogi Fukamachi Ko Koen, ranked #1…

It is Silver with 152 stars.

Everyone, please use the Restroom Information Sharing Map-kun app and keep putting in your ratings, so we can all see at a glance which restrooms have the best reputations and will become more and more useful!

Toilet Maps provide better information

Toilet Information Sharing Map-kun will continue to evolve into a more user-friendly application with the help of our application development team and the requests of our users!

We would appreciate it if you could send us your requests such as “I want this kind of function” or “This part is difficult to use, so please improve it” through comments on our blog or the inquiry form on our Official Website.

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